How do we even start?


How can we even start to say: ‘Thank you!’

Thank you to the Coaches who spent hours mentoring, encouraging and challenging the teams.  The level of generosity of time and talent was inspiring.  So many participants let us know how big a difference that made for them.

Thank you to the Participants – the people who took a risk and came out; who spent a weekend that was equal parts exhausting and exhilarating; who pushed themselves to the limit and persevered; who had the tenacity to face hard questions and obstacles head on, and the flexibility to know when it was time to make changes.

Thank you to the incredible Sponsors, many of whom did not get to see what a difference their support made.  When teams are working almost ’round the clock, to be supported and fed matters beyond belief.  Sponsors also help to keep our ticket costs reasonable – we are grateful for this support which makes it possible for so many entrepreneurs of all ages to attend.

Thank you to the Judges, who not only had the task of evaluating the teams, but were coaches in their own right; their questions to each of the group will guide the next steps of learning and progress.

Thank you to USI who continues to be a gracious host, allowing us to use such an incredible venue.  (Incidentally, USI doesn’t just have a great facility, they also have a fabulous custodial staff who work incredibly hard to keep the space in perfect order!)

To my fellow-Organizers, who worked so many hours before, during and after the event.  Working on funding, and publicity and food and all the hundreds of little things that make this happen, and then tirelessly coaching teams throughout the weekend.

So, how to say ‘Thank You’?

Maybe it’s by keeping focused on the ‘Start’ in ‘Startup Weekend’ – there were some great ideas that made huge progress in just over 48 hours.  That was the ‘start’ – now it’s time to keep them moving forward.   Keep in touch, come to follow up events (more soon), get connected with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem…

Startup Weekend is just the beginning.