It’s Not American Idol, But Here’s Your Top 10!



Day 1 of Startup Weekend Evansville 3.0 has drawn to a close. Nearly 30 ideas were pitched, ranging from an app just for nerds (aren’t they all?!) to a guide for making perfect pizza slices (every time!) to ways to improve the environment by harnessing the extra wind power generated by smokestacks and reducing water usage in commercial kitchens by using alternate means of sterilizing dishes.

When all was said and done, though, 10 ideas reigned supreme. Starting with the top vote-getter, they were:

1. The Pocket Therapist: a mobile app designed to help calm and soothe those suffering from anxiety disorders who might be disinclined to share their struggles with others or seek professional help. PocketTherapist

2. Kid Tracker: for when you need to call those munchkins home for dinner after a day hard at play in the neighborhood (and your kids are among the 17 people in the country who don’t have their own mobile phones. Yet.).

3. Muddy: custom-designed magnets that — when removed from your vehicle after goin’ muddin’ — leave a pristine image in the shape of your choice on that ooooonnnne clean spot. Crank up the Hank. Jr., and wear that mud with pride, folks!

4. Bio-Locking Medicine Cabinet: a device for home usage to make sure that prescription medications don’t end up in the wrong person. (This idea was generated following the loss of a loved one due to a fatal medication error.)

5. The “iTunes” for 3D Printing: Why be bothered with shopping for anything you might need around the house, when you can just download the design and print it out yourself? The future is coming soon to a home near you, folks. Get ready for it.

LittleE6. HotHead: Okay, now get this. A 10-year-old (!!!) — who was running a fever of 104 earlier in the week — pitched a gel-lined cap that can be placed in the freezer, then worn, to cool you down, or in the microwave, to warm you up on those frigid near-zero days we’ve been having here in the Midwest. The best line of his pitch? “And I need help with marketing, because I can’t have my own twitter or facebook account.” Ha! (How’d you like to follow him in the pitch line?! You go, little man.)

7. TLApps: a mobile app and game development company which will utilize social networking to connect those with ideas for apps with the folks who have the chops to build and deploy them.

8. Nerd-ology: A picture is worth a thousand words. Need we say more? “Hey, it’s only 153 more days until Comic-Con!” (Oops, we said more.)Nerdology

9. Instant Customer Feedback: If you own a restaurant, you can’t wait until your customers leave, gripe about you on Yelp, and drive their friends away. No, you need them to gripe to you on the spot so you can fix it and send them away happy! Or, to brag about your turtle cheesecake while they’re eating it, so everyone else within the city limits comes in to order a slice that evening.

10. Frat DB: an all-in-one software package to manage your campus’ Greek groups, alumni associations, or other membership organizations.

And, in addition, to these crowd favorites, we also had two late additions to the field, stealth teams that coalesced around the following ideas:

A. Delicious Street: a mobile sidewalk sandwich shop, something, something, burger, something, something, egg, something, something, yum! You know you’ll want one.

B. Evansville E-Sports: ’cause if you’re a serious gamer, you can’t just sit on your couch and play. You’ve got to go to the gym and train! Your thumbs, man!

Yeah, we know, some of the names may need a little work. But, hey! We’re just getting started here!

Stay tuned throughout the weekend to follow our teams’ progress!