3 Benefits of Attending Startup Weekend


As a startup weekend facilitator, I’ve had the pleasure of working startup weekends in different cities.  There are 3 key things I have seen at all the startup weekends I’ve attended: the amazing energy, the fast and lasting friendships / partnerships, and people who are thankful for the experience and education.

#1 It will energize your life

It’s hard to describe. You feel refreshed and ready to tackle the world. Participating in a startup weekend, at any level will give you a renewed spirit. If your idea gets selected, you get an amazing rush having a team of people passionately helping you work on your project. Even if especially if your idea didn’t get selected, but you joined another team, you get pumped up about the project. If you are volunteering in any capacity, watching people, helping people build their dreams and learn how to be an entrepreneur, is rewarding on so many levels. You just can’t help but have your spirits lifted.

#2 Starting as Strangers Leaving as Friends

Let’s face it, chances are, if you can stand someone after 52 sleep deprived hours in a pressure cooker, you’re going to be friends, for a long time! Most people don’t know the people that end up on their team.  But the long hours and the groups common goal of making it work, is unique glue that makes people bond. This is especially true for us as organizers. Janet, Doug, Mark, Andrew and I have all grown to know each other so well after putting together three Startup Weekends (and a Co-Work space,) that we feel like family.

#3 it’s an Entrepreneurial Life Lesson

Throughout the weekend you’re given opportunities to learn from experience, mentors and speakers. All of those together give you a strong foundation in making a startup come to life. So, even if your idea is good, but didn’t make the cut, participation on another team, and learning the skills to take your own idea and make it, make this a rewarding and beneficial experience.

What are You Waiting For?

So, what’s holding you back? Have you gotten your tickets yet? Don’t wait another day. We do have a limit on how many people can participate.
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