And The Winner is…


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A quick rundown of this year’s winners



Second Annual SWEvvy Awards were given first by our own  wonderful Doug Briody


Technical awards:


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For best video and editing and production for an animated not-quite-feature-length film:

For his technical mastery on the SWEvv “Harlem Shake” — our own “Digital Dynamo” Josh Weiland

Prize: Disney Cars camera

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Sound Mixing and Post-Production

Once you’ve hear the team namezzz, you’ll understand why. ever-so specific Tech Startup/

Also voted by his 8th Grade class “Most Likely to Run a Call Center”

Sai Kalva

Prize: Smart Phones
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John Cusack Most Improved Professional Award

For adding the largest array of tools to his arsenal and getting ready to launch,

Lucus Pettigrew

Prize: Skylanders Gill Grunt


Performance awards:

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Best Leading Man

Best Dressed

Cody Land of Tien Son Custom Suits

Prize: Now has his own custom Startup Weekend wear (Psy Gangam style)


Actor in a Supporting RoleDSC_3287 (Medium)

Can’t have Best Dressed without Best Undressed

You knew him first as Ugly Naked Guy from Friends

Now he’s jumped to the big screen in “Harlem Shake” — it’s Matt Rust

Prize: Empty coat hanger


Only double-honoree of the evening

Concocted Beacon, glowing, phosphorescing energy drink

If that doesn’t work out, you can always drop one of these glow sticks in your drink


Leading Lady

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Taken to heart SW’s mission of experiential education

Queen of the Pivot, Twisted Sister

Beth Ann Crabtree

Prize: A Screw driver set


Best Supporting Actress

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Only repeat award from last year

Our coveted Supreme Jerky award — for the nicest person at SWEvv

Jenna Rueger

Prize: Beef Jerky



Best Moving Picture

Self-proclaimed most “Harlemy” of the “Harlem Shakers”

DJ Smoothe/ Flavo Flav Award

DeMario Warren

Prize: Clock necklace with NY Skyline


And now for the Startup Weekend Official Winners

First Place:

Fence ChipsDSC_3317 (Medium)


Second Place:DSC_3322 (Medium)



Third Place:DSC_3314 (Medium)

3 Caps


Special Recognition

GreenVibe: Social Responsibility

Tien Son: Best Presentation

Local Event: In Demand!

eDentification and MyBarWench: Idea


 The real winners? Everyone! Coaches, organizers, volunteers, participants and spectators got an education, made new valuable connections and walked away exhausted, well fed. And perhaps most importantly, they left empowered ready to go out, take an idea, and DO SOMETHING!DSC_3325 (Medium)