Makers and Builders Wanted, Too!


Okay, so, what’s still holding you back from coming to Startup Weekend Evansville 2.0? Are you afraid you don’t have what it takes to be the next Zuckerbergian social networking wunderkind? Well, fear not, I say! Startup Weekend wants Makers and Builders, too!

Your business idea doesn’t have to reside online. Did you know that, despite all the media hype, e-commerce makes up less than 10% of the global economy? People out here in the “real world” still want to buy and own things — including the things you want to see made! And we at Startup Weekend want to help Tri-Staters like you build and grow real world businesses selling real world products to real world people.

Last year, some of our teams were working on ideas as diverse as practical fashion accessories and vehicular exhaust systems. At least two groups took advantage of USI’s 3D printers to mock up prototypes of their products.

This year, the Pott College of Engineering is helping to sponsor Startup Weeekend Evansville, and is offering the use of its rapid prototyping equipment to any of the teams that would like to use it during the weekend. Heck, they’ll even have folks available who can input the coding for your design for you! All we need is you and your great idea! It’s instant product — just add you!

Startup Weekend is all about giving you the team, tools, and training you need to implement your idea — whatever it is that will bring a benefit to our community and society. If you’ve got a great product idea, come share it — and build it — with us.

There’s still time to register!