Don’t Know Where to Start? A Guest Blog Post from the folks at Lieberman Technologies


Thanks to the folks at Lieberman Technologies for being a sponsor of Startup Weekend 2.0.   Here’s their guest blog post, from Pat Heck -Partner at Lieberman Technologies.

We do some pretty cool stuff at Lieberman Technologies. And I love our business philosophy. Here’s how I explain it:

If we can help make a business better by using technology effectively


If we can make a little money doing it


If we can have some fun doing it

Then let’s do it.

Part of what makes our work so much fun is that we get a daily opportunity to see the inner workings of other companies.  It’s fascinating to see the types of products and services our community has to offer, and the way these businesses operate.  And what we learn aids us in designing technology solutions that help those businesses operate more efficiently.   Some of those companies have been around for decades. Sometimes we’re helping someone get a new business up and running. I love it!

Lieberman Technologies is excited to be a sponsor and a participant. Come have fun with us!

But, sometimes someone comes in and they have an idea for a company or a service, but they just don’t know what to do next. They don’t have a business plan, a marketing plan, or an inkling of how much money it may take to get started. They just have an idea and they’re excited about it. Many times, we help them understand that there is a lot more to getting a business started than they may have realized. All of a sudden it can seem overwhelming.

And that’s where something like Startup Weekend can be a godsend. Startup Weekend is all about taking good ideas and making them viable business plans. This intensive weekend endeavor is designed specifically to help budding entrepreneurs learn about the process of moving from idea to business plan by really doing it in a single weekend. 

Now maybe your idea hasn’t come yet, but you know you would like to run your own business someday or be part of a startup business…Startup Weekend is also just the thing. No need for me to tell you how it works…the Startup Weekend website has lots of information for you. I just want you to read it.

All of this takes place on February 22-24 at the Business & Engineering Center on USI’s campus. Things get underway at 6:30pm on Friday and conclude at 9:00pm on Sunday.  You may learn more in this short 54 hour period than you would in a year’s worth of college classes. And you may make new connections with others that will impact you for a lifetime.