Don’t fall in love with your product – fall in love with the customer


Your new product idea could be revolutionary, breath taking or a total game changer.  But none of that matters if no one will buy it.  In hearing pitches from budding entrepreneurs,  I do see a lot of new products, some of them very interesting. And many people who are madly in love with their new idea and are convinced that “once I tell you about it, you’ll love it and buy it.  In face EVERYONE will love it and buy it.”   But as we know, that’s not always the case.

New York Times Business writer Jay Glotz talks about this in his “Top 10 Rookie Mistakes for Entrepreneurs” –

“(The mistake is).. Falling blindly in love with your product or service. Fall in love, certainly. But a wonderful product or service won’t make up for bad decisions and deficiencies in marketing, management or finance. Being a successful entrepreneur means being a competent entrepreneur, in addition to being the best baker, computer programmer, picture framer, hairstylist or whatever it is you are.”  Read the entire post here.

One of the key points of Startup Weekend is Customer Validation – identifying and quantifying the potential customer for your new business.   Spend time validating your customers.. and win this year’s Startup Weekend.   Bring your idea February 22 to USI and maybe walk away with a business model that helps you avoid this and other “Rookie Mistakes”.  Get your tickets now by clicking below..